Pwani Leadership Seminar Series Overview

The second leadership seminar series commenced early March 2020. However, due to the suspension of classes as a result of the COVID-19 virus outbreak the remainder of the sessions are presented as self-study online learning modules as per the below schedule.

N.B.: Please note the material is still pilot-tested and is not meant for sharing.

Session Learning Objectives Learning method
1 Personality and Motivation Recognising different personality types
- What motivates you, and others?
Session completed on 9 March
2 Leadership and Leadership Attributes
How do we define leadership?
Insight into leadership attributes in Africa
Session completed on 11 March
3.1 Leadership Styles
- Effective leadership styles and behaviour
Online learning
3.2 Leadership and Diversity
- Diversity (gender/age) and leadership
Online learning
4.1 Communication Skills
- How do we communicate effectively?
Online learning
4.2 Presentation Skills
- Presentation Skills
Online learning
5 Giving feedback and Conflict resolution
- How to give constructive feedback?
- How to resolve conflicts?
Online learning
6 Career Planning and Peer Mentoring
- How to plan your career?
- Peer mentoring
Online learning
7 Quiz
- To review and test your insights
Online learning