Developing Global Leaders: Insights from African Case Studies (2020)

Palgrave Studies in African Leadership. Palgrave Macmillan

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Authors: Eva Jordans, Bettina Ng’weno & Helen Spencer-Oatey

Contributors: Mwatima Juma: Joseph K. Nsabimana, Ike Nwankwo, Yaw Bediako, Kanini Mutooni, Estelle-Marie Montgomery and Daniel Dauber.

This book is a timely guide on what constitutes effective leadership in Africa. It explores how today’s leaders in Africa perceive their role, the challenges they experience, and how they operate effectively as leaders. In the era of globalisation, there is an increasing need to offer guidance on how leaders can adjust their leadership style to suit situational contexts. Drawing on case study and survey data, this book illustrates to scholars and leaders worldwide the vision of leadership that is emerging in Africa. It will contribute to the development of a new community of global leaders, integrating cutting-edge knowledge on leadership development in Africa.

Reviews: “This book reveals powerful insights on the changing perception of leadership in Africa today. It validates my position that the future of Africa truly lies in the hands of our youth.” (Tony O. Elumelu, CON, Founder, Tony Elumelu Foundation and Chairman, United Bank for Africa (UBA) and Heirs Holdings) “This is a timely and much needed book that, most importantly, presents experiences and insights into what it takes to be a good leader in today’s Africa. This is a must-read for all emerging leaders not just in Africa but everywhere!” (Amin Salim, TV Host, African Leadership Series “The Scoop,” Chair, Camerapix and Founder, Mohamed Amin Foundation, Kenya)

“A brilliant book on leadership in a rapidly transformative world with a focus on perceptions and experiences of young African leaders. It gives us a portrait of an emerging Africa where benevolence, flexibility and good governance define leadership. Case studies demonstrate transformational leadership across generations, and an opportunity in Africa’s emergent confidence to transform its leadership for greater economic development.” (Bitange Ndemo, Professor of Entrepreneurship, University of Nairobi and former Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Information and Communication, Kenya)

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